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The Coveted Best in Class Declaration

It seems only fitting that Gadget Gifts for All should physically review some of the gadgets and products on our pages to make absolutely sure they are deemed worthy of our coveted “Best in Class” declaration. To that end, we begin with a Device Charging Station, found under the Smartphone category.

All reviews, in our opinion, receive 5 of 5 “Best in Class” trophies.

Multiple Device Charging Station. This charging station is one of the largest we found at Amazon.products”, and it is perfect for our needs. The inside of the station is approximately 11-3/4″ long by approximately 6-7/8″ wide. With this size, we were able to attach a (6) outlet surge protector to one long side with adhesive tape/velcro. The surge protector came with a 3-ft. cord.

Now, with today’s devices and the various connection plugs, we could only make use of 3 of the 6 outlets on the surge protector. That worked out for us, as we have another charging device for one of 2 smartphones.

If there is a need for more connections, we would recommend purchasing 2 of the charging stations. The extra dividing top slots on either 1 or 2 stations can be used for notebooks, storing unplugged devices, etc. We store a Kindle in one slot.

Each end of the 2 charging stations has a hole for passing through a cord from a surge protector…note red circles in the image. In that arrangement, 1 of the surge protectors would have to connect to the other. With 2 (6) outlet surge protectors, you would then have enough outlets to plug in 5 devices. We recommend you keep the surge protector cord length to 3 ft. long, unless your outlet for the surge protector(s) is several feet from the locations of the charging station(s).

Another option, and less expensive, is to purchase just one unit and place a 6-port USB charger in the bottom portion of the station.

We chose a charging station with a lower white portion, which is no longer offered. Now, the entire station is a beautiful solid bamboo wood finish that should last for years.The lower portion of the charging station arrives in 1 solid piece, with no fasteners (nails) showing. No flimsy magnets are used to hold this station together.
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Electrical Outlet Shelf. This “Certified for Amazon” outlet shelf was the ideal answer for placing our Echo Dot near our charging station. The installation was as simple as removing one small screw, taking off the existing cover plate, and replacing it with the new and stylish shelf.

The Echo Dot connection cord is wrapped, tied and placed behind the Dot itself, completely out of the way. We have full intentions of purchasing several more for many of the outlets in our home. The possibilities for these outlet shelves are left up to one’s ingenuity and imagination! Can be purchased in either black or white.
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Bypass Pruner with 1 Inch Cutting Capacity. An essential tool for every homeowner and gardener is a bypass pruner. Similar to a pair of scissors, this pruner has both a sharp curved blade and another curved blade which is dull. This ensures an efficient and clean cut of both green and dry branches and stems up to 1 inch in diameter.

The pruner is forged from steel into a strong and durable tool that will last for years. It also has handles that are designed to be easy on the hands with a non-slip grip. Best suited for medium to large sized hands.

The folks at Gadget Gifts for All have used this exact pruner for years without problems of any kind. See image of our pruner below. It is an indispensable tool for a variety of uses. In addition to our outdoor uses, we use this pruner to cut through various plastic products and smaller electrical cords (unplugged).
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