Multiple Device Charging Station

With the abundance of smartphones, tablets, e-Readers and other smart devices that are found in homes and the workplace, it became apparent that we needed to find a suitable charging station for all to use. And in our opinion, we found one that is more than suitable and we put it to use on a daily basis.

Multiple Device Charging Station

After receipt of the product, we immediately began to determine the best location for the charging station. We chose to set up the station in the break room. We chose this specific product for it’s size and versatility.

There are 6 slots for several devices and plenty of roomInstallation of Multiple Device Charging Station in the bottom to hold a power strip. We chose a 5-Outlet Power Strip Surge Protector with 3 USB Ports and a 4.5 ft. extension cord. Once the power strip, extension cord and other cords and adapters were in place, we placed the lid on top of the bottom with the charging cords carefully placed through the convenient slots on the back side.

This charging station is now located in our employee break room,Completed Installation of Multiple Device Charging Station neatly tucked into a corner near our snack and bakery offerings. On any given day, the charging station is put to good use.

Multiple Device Charging Station
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Multiple Device Charging Station. This is a must-have for all electronic devices. As we continue down the road of being “wired, geeky and in search for the Best in Class products”, this is one product that helps to fulfill our quest. The product image explains it’s purpose, so we will skip those details. We can say with complete confidence that this station, with it’s finish and construction, is likely the best to be found anywhere. There should be one or more of these in any wired home or office today. Oh yes, it certainly makes a perfect gift!
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