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The joy and comfort that pets bring to many cannot be overstated. Pets can provide companionship and unconditional love, which can be especially beneficial for people who live alone or who are isolated. Having a pet can be an excellent way to teach children and young adults about responsibility, empathy, and care-giving. They learn the importance of meeting their pet’s needs.

Caring for a pet can give individuals a sense of purpose and structure in their daily lives. Feeding, grooming, and exercising pets require a regular routine. Having pets, especially dogs, can be social catalysts, helping their owners meet new people and engage in social activities, such as dog parks or pet-related events. Certain pets, like dogs, can provide a sense of security for their owners. They can alert their owners to potential dangers or intruders.

And last, and maybe the most valuable reason is knowing that, as mentioned above, pets can often offer unconditional love and affection, which can be especially comforting during testing times. Whether the pet or pets are watching over a sleeping child or providing emotional support for those that are physically-challenged, they become lifelong companions, forming deep bonds that last for many years.


And now, the following products, gadgets and gifts shown below are what we consider to be the “Best in Class” in Pet items:

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8 Pc. Set of Drying Towels for Pets. The reviews are in and they look good. This 8-pc. set of drying towels are made of microfiber that absorbs most liquids and dries quickly. Great to use after bathing pets or after pets have been exposed to water from weather, pools, rivers and lakes. In addition, the towels can be used for pet blankets, pet mattress coverings and seat protectors for the automobile. See details, ratings and reviews at Amazon.
Here is a link to a Whirlpool website that offers advice on how to wash, dry and care for your microfiber towels:
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Rechargeable/Cordless Electric Hair Clippers/Grooming Set for Dogs, Cats and Other Furry Pets. This is a great clippers/grooming set to use at home for your precious pets. The trimmer has a rechargeable, built-in battery and with the proper care, this set should last for years. It is quiet when in use and helps to keep pets at ease. There are six(6) detachable blades that are easy to change and keep clean. If preferred, the trimmer is available in 5 different colors with slightly different prices. Shown is the Gold color.This set will help to keep your pets at home clean and healthy, and it is a great way to bond with your furry friends!
Included in the set are the following:
*Clipping scissors and comb to use for long hair before using clippers.
*Bottle of oil to drip on cutting blade surface.
*Small cleaning brush to use on blade before cleaning blade with water.
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